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I was always first…not at sports…not at academics…but certainly at finishing my plate of food. That came easy to me! I would wolf down my meal so fast, cleaning everything on my plate before my brain had a chance to register if I even liked the taste.


Because as a chronic dieter, mealtimes were like mini-vacations – a short bout of freedom from the constant denial of food.

Even after training as a dietitian with all the nutritional knowledge at my fingertips, I still couldn’t trust myself around food, because my mind was so used to believing I didn’t have the willpower to stop when my body was telling me to.

This led to constant judgement, self-loathing and really low self-esteem.  To everyone around me, I seemed to have a great life – I was successful, ambitious and adventurous, with a busy social life.  But deep down I felt empty, exhausted and numb.

I knew something had to shift.

I couldn’t keep living a life of fear, criticism and deprivation.  I needed to find fun, happy and vibrant Taryn again.

I owed it to myself to really dig deep and get to the root cause of what was actually going on so I could finally heal.

And honestly, it was the BEST gift I have ever given myself.

It took a lot of in-depth self-discovery, and multiple face-offs with my critical self.  I finally accepted myself, tuned into my body, challenged my thoughts and made peace with my mind and body.  I starting living life, rather than just existing.

It has been the most transformative and positive change in my life, and this is why I help other women find their mojo too.  You deserve a life well-lived, not one fretting about the number on the scale or the cupcake you ate, too exhausted to tick off your bucket list or telling yourself you’re not good enough.  You are.  Let me help you rediscover your amazing self and get healthy and happy.

“If the pursuit of health causes you guilt and anxiety, it’s no longer a healthy pursuit.”


Work with me

My mission in life is to help empower women.

I have been where you are and trust me when I say I KNOW your struggle.

The work we do together is so much more than just simply healing your relationship with food.

A lot of people might question just how big of a life transformation you can have, and let me tell you – it’s HUGE.

When you think about it logically, eating is something we all have to do, daily, to survive (and thrive but we’ll get to that in a moment).

If you’re living in a state of constant and perpetual fear and anxiety over something you CANNOT ignore, or run away from, and you’re having to live through this anxiety multiple times a day- every day – it goes without saying this is going to have some knock-on effects.

So yes, food might be the trigger but in reality, the work you do to heal is going to impact SO many other areas of your life that you maybe hadn’t considered before.

Because guess what, showing up for yourself directly impacts your ability to show up in EVERYTHING that you do!

From your romantic relationships, to your ability to perform at work, to having more meaningful interactions with your kids, to finally not being scared to go to social events that have lots of food – it’s ALL about to change (and in the best possible way!).

I wake up each day excited to inspire women like you to reclaim their power, to love themselves, and use it all so they can finally live a life that they’re in love with!

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Client love

  • “Coaching with Taryn has been an exceptional experience. It is not often that you can feel safe to have someone listen to everything you’re thinking and feeling and helping to equip you with the tools that you need to deal with emotional eating and including breaking the dieting habits you have formed.”

    Sarah J
  • “Taryn is kind, considerate but with a healthy ass-kicking approach, which is just the kind of coaching I needed to finally make real changes to my eating habits and mindset around my body. I recommend her coaching to anyone who’s fed up with dieting and just wants something to stick for a change!”

    Lilly-Ann C
  • “The coaching was so practical and easy to fit into my hectic schedule as a mom of three boys. I have made major strides in changing some unhealthy habits and replacing them with healthier ones, which were surprisingly painless, plus the change in my attitude and thinking towards food now is incredible. I feel as though a massive weight has been lifted off my mind.”

    Melanie S
Taryn's Top 10 Tips
Tip 1

1. Eat for


When you eat foods you really want and enjoy the eating experience, you’ll be more satisfied and less likely to overeat or binge later.

Tip 2

2. Drink

more water

Drinking water not only improves your energy, mood, and skin but it can also keep your weight healthy, because we often overeat when we’re actually thirsty.

Tip 3

3. Remove distractions

at mealtimes

The more focused you are on your meal, the easier it is to tune into when you’re full before becoming over-full. Your brain can’t focus on your food while watching TV, reading emails or checking social media.

Tip 4

4. Exercise

for fun

If something is enjoyable, you’re more likely to do it again, so find activities that are fun, not a chore, and you’ll get off the couch and into your trainers more easily.

Tip 5

5. Stick to one healthy

habit for 30 days

Don’t overwhelm your brain with too many healthy resolutions – pick just one healthy habit you want to work on and stick to it every day for a month so it becomes an easy part of your daily life.

Tip 6

6. Get healthy with


Studies show that getting healthy with support massively improves your chances for success. Click HERE to schedule a free 45min call to find out about supportive coaching.

Tip 7

7. Chew your food

and be mindful

The more you chew your food, the more your taste buds get to indulge in the flavors and the more satisfied you’ll be, plus it will slow your eating down to give your brain time to tell you when you’re full.

Tip 8

8. Check-in with your

body often

The more you check in and listen to your body cues and sensations the better you’ll be at understanding what you need at any given moment – it’s like learning a new language. Use my Mindful Eating Journal to help you.

Tip 9

9. Schedule in relaxing

me-time weekly

You are no good to anyone else unless you’re looking after yourself first. Making time for yourself to rest and relax is essential and benefits everyone around you.

Tip 10

10. Say 1 thing you’re

grateful for every day

Gratitude makes you healthier and happier, science shows, so practice daily gratitude to develop a positive and hopeful outlook.

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& Accreditations

Taryn trained and worked as a dietitian in both the UK and South Africa, practicing as an RD for the NHS, specializing in clinical diabetes care, until moving into private consulting at a Virgin Active gym in London Mayfair.

In later years she went into corporate health, working for a global health insurance company in their research and development team, focusing on health communication, nutrigenomics, and behavioral science. She also helped devise premium corporate health incentive plans.

Beyond her dietetics, she is a certified Life Coach with the American Life Coach Academy, which she uses in combination with her nutrition and behavioral science knowledge and over 2 decades of experience.


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