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  • Stuck, alone, isolated with your eating behaviors, and that no one struggles as you do
  • That you want to enjoy your food instead of counting calories, feeling anxious, and worrying about your next meal
  • That you want to feel free and at ease around food instead of fearing you’ll lose control
  • That you want to stop mistreating your body, but regularly default back to unhealthy habits
  • That there’s got be a better way to approach eating and enjoy the foods you love


Hun, I know the feeling.

I spent years going through this on my own until I finally worked out how to overcome these unhealthy patterns.

So, you can breathe a sigh of relief – there IS a way out.

“Eating is not only nourishing
for the body but also for the mind.”

Thich Nhat Hanh


Mindful Eating Journal
  • Mindful eating tips
  • Mindful eating Q&A
  • De-stress
  • How to connect with yourself
  • Accepting your eating habits
  • Self-care tips
  • Eating with your senses
  • Hunger & fullness guide
  • Intuitive eating journal
  • Gratitude tips and exercises
  • Water tracker
  • 30-day workout guide
  • Mindfulness meditation audio and much more…

What if I told you that the practices in this journal were going to be easier than any diet you’ve been on! How? Because you’ll learn to FINALLY trust your body and what it’s telling you.

It’s time to wave goodbye to the things you KNOW haven’t been serving you:

Diet cycles | binge eating | self-doubt | food guilt | restrictions | stress-eating | self-criticism

Sound good to you?

“Mindful Eating replaces self-criticism with self-nurturing. It replaces shame with respect for your own inner wisdom.”

Jan Chozen Bays

Now, I’m aware that many of you reading this will have some understanding of what mindful eating is. And maybe you’re even thinking right now ‘this probably doesn’t have anything I don’t already know’.

As a coach, one of the most common things I see when I start working with my clients is half of them know what they need to be doing – the problem is they just aren’t doing it!

You see, it’s one thing to understand the concept of intuitive & mindful eating, it’s another to practice it.

This journal is here to help hold you accountable and allow you to track your progress, so even on days where you’re not feeling motivated, or you’re sliding off track – you can find your way back.

If you’re ready to get started and reclaim your confidence, click on the link below to access the instant download of your Mindful Eating Journal for just $12!

Taryn Stein

Taryn is a trained dietician, nutritionist, and eating behavior coach, specializing in intuitive & mindful eating and behavioral habit-change. She is also a trained Life Coach with The American Life Coach Academy.

Taryn’s approach is based on the science-backed methods of intuitive eating, habit intervention, and behavioral science. With over two decades of experience, she has helped countless women reclaim their confidence and heal their relationship with food.

Her work is devoted to sharing tools and resources that teach women how to find balance with food by creating practical and effective habits that are easy to implement, aligned with their goals, and most importantly, are enjoyable!


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