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Are you…

  • Spending an exhausting amount of time thinking about food, weight, and your body
  • Feeling guilty or ashamed if you break your diet rules
  • Swinging between restrictive dieting to food binges
  • Avoiding social functions or gatherings because you feel anxious about food
  • Preventing yourself from enjoying meaningful things in your life like relationships, career goals, and activities because of your weight, body or eating habits
  • Stuck in the same negative judgemental cycle that chips away at your self-confidence
  • Frustrated that you can’t seem to ever reach your perfect weight and hold on to it
  • Feeling stressed, powerless, and out of control when it comes to eating

If you resonate with any of the above, you’ve likely been stuck in the diet-cycle that so many women (and men) fall victim to. In fact, recent research from UNC School of Medicine found that 3 out of 4 women have an unhealthy relationship with food and their bodies.

You restrict, fall off track, binge, feel ashamed, go back to restricting and the cycle repeats…

I was there too, and that’s why I support women like you!

Because I understand the crazy hellish world of the diet-binge cycle, and more importantly HOW to get out.

It’s time to say YES to a healthy relationship with food and ditch the diet drama!

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

The reason diets don’t work is NOT because you’re lazy or weak – it’s because you’re human.

As a society, we are conditioned to look externally for “fixes” and validation, but the truth is the answers to your happiness lie within your own body and mind.

On this course I will guide you on how to tune into your internal signals and learn what your body and mind are telling you, at any given time.

Because guess what – you, and ONLY you, know what you need.

Not a diet. Not the media. Not anybody else.

It’s time to be the Lady-Boss of your body, mind, and confidence.



  • Rebuild a healthy relationship with food and take back control of your eating
  • Let go of your dieting drama and food obsessions
  • Feel confident in your body and food choices
  • Find your ideal healthy weight, and maintain it
  • Eat what you want without a long list of forbidden foods and rules

This 12-week program is a hybrid of online learning, complete with practical workbooks, recipes, exercises, meditations, as well as weekly calls with Taryn and support from the fabulous community of women who are all on the same journey as you!

What we’ll work on:



“Your thoughts create your reality. Your mind is more powerful than you know” – Neale Donald Walsch

The mind is a powerful resource if used correctly. After all, your mindset impacts all areas of your life. How we treat and speak to ourselves ripples into everything – including our relationship with food. In order to build a healthy and balanced approach to food, we will need to look at your state of mind. We will look at mindfulness as a whole and how to integrate it into your day-to-day living.

Let me tell you – reprogramming negative thought-patterns isn’t always easy. It takes practice and discipline. Ultimately, we always have a choice.

I’m not promising you an easy ride but what I can promise you is that it will be worth it. In SO many ways.



Your body is constantly talking to you. It’s also completely unique to you. By tuning in and learning to listen to your body cues and signals, you can take full control. See how a little shift in perspective has the potential to change everything?!

Health, happiness and success are, believe it or not, the results of healthy habits. Together, we will work to rewire your old unhealthy habits and form healthier ones that are simple and easily fit into your life, so your body can function more effectively.



You don’t need to be “more,” “better,” or “different” to have the life you’ve always wanted. You simply need to learn how to love and accept yourself as you are right now.

We’re going to ditch our obsession with perfection, and finally shift out of self-doubt and remember how fabulous we really are!

Self-confidence and acceptance are at the center of every goal or milestone you’ve ever had. In order to truly learn to love yourself, we’re going to tune IN – and really start listening to our intuition.

What makes you happy? What are your needs? What kind of life do you want to live?

We will work on integrating self-care practices so you can start loving yourself as you are NOW, and build the confidence to conquer those demons and achieve all the AMAZING things you deserve.

The program is currently closed, but if you’d like to be first on the list when the doors open, you can click the link below to register your interest.  Spaces are limited.


  • “Taryn’s approach is very friendly, honest, and open but she holds you accountable, which I really liked. I trust Taryn and was grateful for the advice to help me stop feeling out of control around food. I’m now so much happier about my body and weight and feel so much calmer at mealtimes!”

    Anne L
  • “I loved working with Taryn – no judgment and really easy to talk to. How she explains things just make sense and the goals we set were also achievable rather than my previous diet attempts, which were unrealistic, soul-destroying, and never worked. I’m so much healthier now, mentally and physically. I am definitely a fan of Taryn’s coaching.”

    Bron D
  • “LIFE-CHANGING! I don’t say that lightly, but let’s just say that in less than 6 months my energy is zinging, my confidence is boosted, my weight is stable and healthy!”

    Tanya O

What’s included

  • A 60-minute personal coaching session and diet analysis with Taryn
  • 10 practical workbooks with templates, tools, and exercises for your personal health journey
  • A weekly live online group session with Taryn
  • Access to a private group with tips, support and advice, recipes, meditations, exercise, and the recorded call sessions
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Lifetime access to course materials

The group for this program is kept small and intimate with a strong sense of inclusion and compassion, to ensure that every member gets the attention and respect they deserve on their journey.

Did you know…research shows that getting support from a health coach and a group of like-minded people can mean the difference between success and failure in your efforts?!

PRICE $197

The program is currently closed, but if you’d like to be first on the list when the doors open, you can click the link below to register your interest.  Spaces are limited.


Module 1

Module 1: HUNGER

We’ll learn how to understand our hunger and fullness cues so you can make healthy choices, and we’ll dive into what mindful eating actually is. This module will teach you all the tips and tools you’ll need to adopt this approach to eating into your daily life.

Module 2


There's a bit of geeky science in here - macro & micro nutrients, portion sizes, and the TRUTH about sugar and additives.

Module 3


We’ll look at the big WHY, your thinking, diet culture, and why diets DON'T work (plus, the detrimental consequences) and most importantly how to become diet-free.

Module 4


In this module we’ll look at finding ways to stop fearing food, your inner critic, forbidden foods, and my theory of “most of the time” eating.

Module 5


We’ll cover self-care tips, identifying perfectionism and people-pleasing, managing allergies and health conditions, and how an attitude of gratitude can reshape your life.

Module 6


We’ll look at how to pinpoint your emotional eating habits, understand your stress triggers, develop a coping toolbox and start listening to your “best friend voice”.

Module 7


You’ll learn about human behaviors, healthy habit hacks, your motivations, and goal setting.

Module 8


You’ll learn about how to set up a supportive environment, kitchen & grocery shopping hacks, understanding food labels, tips to eat less but not deprive yourself of what you love, and dining out - with pleasure.

Module 9


We'll look at dieting and body image, unhealthy thinking patterns, how to let go of your skinny jeans and stop the incessant comparison mindset.

Module 10


We’ll cover your motivations for exercise, the barriers, how to reward yourself, and movement practices.

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  • Reclaimed power over your food choices and behaviors
  • Achieved a calm and positive mindset when it comes to mealtimes
  • Embodied self-love, knows how to respect her body and enjoy the foods she loves
  • Ditched diets, the on-off cycle, and self-deprivation and eats whatever she wants
  • Stopped comparing, seeking external validation, and now feels confident in her skin
  • Let go of old habits and thinking patterns that held her back, and is now excited about life again
  • Has a balanced approach to weight and oozes body confidence
  • Feels happy when thinking about food, her body, and her future

So, are you ready to say GOODBYE to the food drama, and walk through the doorway to a new you – one who’s in control of her eating, happy and healthy in her body?

The program is currently closed, but if you’d like to be first on the list when the doors open, you can click the link below to register your interest.  Spaces are limited.


Who exactly is this program for?

This program is for women who are frustrated with diets and unhealthy habits that just don’t stick, and who are ready to shift from yo-yo dieting and short-term goals to focus on creating healthy sustainable long-term eating habits.

This program is not for people currently dealing with a diagnosed eating disorder. Please contact your healthcare professional or the National association of eating disorders for support with this. This program is not for women looking for a quick fix fad diet or detox, to lose a lot of weight for a short-term event. The program is designed to set you up for long-term healthy habits and mindset, and as such, we don’t prescribe diet rules or detoxes.

What results can I expect from this program?

The end goal is to ditch yo-yo dieting, food rules, restrictions, and stress when it comes down to your eating habits. You will learn how to nourish yourself, find balance, and build body confidence through learning self-care, practice mindful eating, and tune in to your instinctive body cues, so you can create a more positive experience with food and make eating both a pleasurable and healthy daily experience. The aim is that you can make healthy choices for yourself which are easy to achieve, tasty, and sustainable so you no longer need to rely on unhealthy restrictive diet plans. We foster an anti-diet approach.

Will I lose weight?

This is a mindset we want to shift you from as it’s what keeps people stuck in the perpetual searching for perfection and diet plans that don’t work. Our focus is to get you to learn to understand what your body needs and make healthy choices that give you the flexibility and calmness to also live your life without food anxiety, restriction, or self-loathing. The process and journey are unique to you. You may well lose weight but the focus is to take back control, become an empowered eater and create supportive long-term health goals. How you feel, your ability to tune into your emotions and take control of your choices, and how much more joy and peace becomes a part of your daily life, is far more important than what the scale reads.

If you focus on fueling your body, mind, and confidence in healthy ways, you are more than likely to lose weight but that will come naturally and should be secondary to the goals you set.

If you’re living in a perpetual state of stress even eating healthy foods can lead to weight gain or no change. What’s important is eating mindfully, in a calm and focused state, so that when you feed your body with the nutrients it needs you will find balance and your body will find the ideal weight for you.

If weight loss is your sole goal we advise this is not the program for you.

I’ve tried other programs in the past, will this work for me?

Firstly, this isn’t a generic diet or plan, there is no ‘one-size fits all’ model that works – because we are all unique in our health needs and daily lives. The course offers an individualistic approach that will equip you with the tools to make choices for yourself, no matter where you are, to set you up for a lifelong healthy living and lasting change.

My approach is a combination of my personal and professional experience, with nutritional and habit science, making it unique to most of the other programs and plans you’re probably used to.

I follow a specific diet, will I be able to enroll in this program?

100%! The philosophy behind my approach is centered around mindfulness and goal setting NOT whether you’re a plant grazer or enjoy a juicy steak. You can apply the principles and teachings to your unique dietary requirements, health conditions, and lifestyle choices.

Is this a diet or plan?

This is not a diet or a plan! My approach is an anti-diet method. The reason being they simply DON’T work! There will be no complicated calorie counting, humiliating weigh-ins, restrictions, or bland food. My aim is for you to use all the energy which previously kept you stuck in a diet-hell lifestyle into manifesting the healthy and confident life you REALLY deserve.

We will help you focus on adopting small manageable habits over time which will make it easy for you to integrate and create ease and joy with this new way of being, on a daily basis.

What if I need additional support?

While the program includes a private and personal 1hr coaching call with me within the first few weeks, plus weekly group calls over the 12 weeks, extra support is available. We do offer additional weekly 1:1 coaching support with Taryn to supplement this course if you prefer, simply email info@mindshiftme.com when you purchase the course to book in additional 1:1 coaching sessions.

How much does it cost?

The program costs $197 for 12 weeks, with the option to purchase additional discounted 1:1 coaching for extra support.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can. We aim to accommodate your financial needs by offering a monthly payment option, however, if you pay for the course in full, upfront, we would like to thank you with a discount.

Do I have to commit to the full 12 weeks?

Simple answer – YES! Each week forms an important part of the program, so to get the most out of it it’s essential, and a commitment we ask you to make upon signing up.

However, we have designed the course to be flexible by ensuring it is a hybrid of self-study materials and group coaching. To get the most out of the course it is best to complete each module within the week it is released, but if you do miss a week, you will have access to the materials (for life!) and the recordings of the coaching sessions to catch up with.

What happens if I miss a coaching call?

Each coaching call is recorded for you to playback at your convenience. So, if you do miss a session you will be able to catch up ready for the next week. The call recordings will be linked to the private group for easy access.

We do however recommend that when embarking on this journey it’s best to commit to it and show up – for yourself more than anything. The calls are a valuable opportunity for you to ask questions live.

How are the coaching sessions delivered?

The weekly group coaching calls are held by Zoom video calls. Upon signing up, you’ll be sent login details to the course platform where you’ll be able to access all the content. There will also be a private group where you can share and engage with the other amazing women on the course.

How long do I have access to the modules?

You will get lifetime access to the course module materials.

How many people are there on the program?

We limit the number of members in the program to a maximum of 25 to keep it small and intimate so that every single person gets the attention they deserve. Spaces are limited and on a first come first serve basis, when the course opens.

How do I secure my place?

To apply fill out the application form HERE and book your free call. If we feel you’re a suitable fit for the program we will hold your place for a short while, and send you all the details to confirm your spot.

What if I need more help after 3 months?

After the course, you will be sent a feedback questionnaire plus the option to:

  1. Continue to work with Taryn privately on a month-to-month basis
  2. Join our Wellth Club for a small monthly fee for ongoing support


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