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Summer’s finally here and with that brings the influx of Beach Body ready ads and weight-loss promotions that go with it.  This tiny phrase has had a huge impact on women, and not in a good way…

Are you beach body ready?

That was the slogan first used by weight loss supplement company, Protein World, back in 2015.  The billboard, which was displayed in both the New York Subway and the London Underground, showcased a skinny sultry model in a yellow bikini with the slogan: Are you beach body ready?


In fact, for most female commuters this ad made them feel less than beach body ready and got so much backlash from feminist groups that the ad was banned. In fact, 60,000 people in the UK alone signed a petition to get the ad removed.


But the phrase stuck, and the damage was done.

Body-Shame - Billboard Size

Year after year we continue to hear this phrase bantered around in TV commercials, print ads, and billboards in the run-up to summer by multiple weight loss brands and wellness coaches. This perpetuates the notion that we’re not good enough to enjoy our beach vacation unless we’ve detoxed, pumped some iron, and swallowed diet pills in an attempt to chisel and tone our bodies into a skimpy size 0 bikini, ironically that the average woman doesn’t naturally fit into.


This unrealistic standard of beauty has left many women dreading or postponing their beach vacations, and missing out on a whole lot of fun in the sun!

Are You Beach Body Ready?

Well, let’s break that down…


Do you have a body in any shape or form?

Yep, thought so.


Are you at the beach or planning a trip there?

Yep, great…don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!


Do you have a swimsuit and hat?

Yep, great! Heck go naked if you’re brave enough (just stick to the right beaches!).


Then, my lovely, you are beach body ready!


Time To Look Around And See The Normal

It’s time for us to look at the real people around us, on the street, in cafés, and yes on the beach. Most do not look like size 0 models with 6-pack abs and seductive poses.  Most look like you and me. And on the beach in their bathing suits, more than likely embellished with tan lines, cellulite, tummy rolls, saggy boobs, salty hair, and a little butt-cheek sand!


The women, the ones who are willing to rock a bathing suit, get out there, and enjoy the beach vacay, are the ones having all the fun.  Take ownership of your body and join them. Don’t get put off by the diet industry’s unrealistic ideals – get out there and have fun this summer!


And don’t forget the sunscreen!


If you really want to Empower yourself this summer, why schedule a call with me here.  As a nutrition and eating behavior coach, I help women just like you to rebuild a healthy relationship with food and your body, so you can get confident, get healthy, and get on with living to the max!  



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