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My mission in life is to help empower women.

I have been where you are and trust me when I say I KNOW your struggle.

The work we do together is so much more than just simply healing your relationship with food.

A lot of people might question just how big of a life transformation you can have, and let me tell you – it’s HUGE.

When you think about it logically, eating is something we all have to do, daily, to survive (and thrive but we’ll get to that in a moment).

If you’re living in a state of constant and perpetual fear and anxiety over something you CANNOT ignore, or run away from, and you’re having to live through this anxiety multiple times a day- every day – it goes without saying this is going to have some knock-on effects.

So yes, food might be the trigger but in reality, the work you do to heal is going to impact SO many other areas of your life that you maybe hadn’t considered before.

Because guess what, showing up for yourself directly impacts your ability to show up in EVERYTHING that you do!

From your romantic relationships, to your ability to perform at work, to having more meaningful interactions with your kids, to finally not being scared to go to social events that have lots of food – it’s ALL about to change (and in the best possible way!)

I wake up each day excited to inspire women like you to reclaim their power, to love themselves, and use it all so they can finally live a life that they’re in love with!

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Client Love

  • “Coaching with Taryn has been an exceptional experience. It is not often that you can feel safe to have someone listen to everything you’re thinking and feeling and helping to equip you with the tools that you need to deal with emotional eating and including breaking the dieting habits you have formed.”

    Sarah J
  • “Taryn helped me increase my confidence to make better food decisions. I love her coaching approach and would recommend her to everyone with eating issues.”

    Tracy T
  • “I love the freedom to speak openly without being judged. I now know what I need to do to help myself with my eating and body confidence thanks to Taryn and the amazing clear worksheets and guidelines, which I will keep using for years to come.”

    Jessica Y
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Coaching that actually WORKS

My approach is highly individualized and based on the science-backed methods of intuitive eating, habit-intervention, and behavioral science.

By working closely together in a personalized coaching setting, you’ll be able to discover how to get the lasting health results you’ve been looking for, in a compassionate and nurturing environment.

What to expect…

1 Month Coaching Package

We’ll spend the first session doing a 90-minute deep-dive, getting to understand your current eating patterns and health habits. We’ll also clarify what you really want to achieve and pinpoint focus areas, creating an action plan to get you there.

After the initial session, you’ll get consistent support and tools to guide you on your health journey with access to workbooks, webinars, and the option to email me anytime.

Following that, we will have a 60min call once per week for a month. Throughout this time we will work on your unique goals, tackling roadblocks, questions, and making sure you stay on track.

In addition, you’ll get a free copy of my Mindful Eating Journal to support you on your journey.


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If you'd then like further coaching, we can set-up a Monthly Maintenance package, which involves 2 x 45 min 1:1 coaching calls.


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